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Sky's free online catalogue

Sky Go is a multimedia app from Sky UK Limited that enables you to stream live channels and rewatch any missed programs. An intuitive feature also provides the functionality to download shows offline, creating a great viewing experience for users.  

Unfortunately, the Sky Go service is only available for current Sky subscribers, making it a free add-on for existing users. If you aren't a sky customer and aren't planning to switch providers, Netflix and NOW TV provide their respective services and channels. 

What channels are available?

What makes a streaming service great isn't necessarily the additional functionality it has, but rather what you can actually watch through the service. Sky customers will be happy to know that their usual shows are available through the service and that they can watch them from anywhere through their handheld devices.

More specifically, users get access to Catch up TV, which allows you to catch up on shows you otherwise missed. Sky 1, sky living, and sky partner channels are included in this.

Users can also use the service similarly to using a regular skybox service. Watch live allows you to watch your sky shows as they are being presented on TV, providing a traditional viewing experience. Finally, on-demand entertainment offers a vast collection of Sky-on-demand programs for you to enjoy. These vary from box sets of your favorite shows to blockbuster hit films.

While this sounds great, current customers need to know what package they are on with Sky, which will determine what they can watch through Sky Go.

Sky Go limitations

Internet bandwidth is a common concern when deciding to watch TV or on-demand channels online. These services, similarly to streaming, requires a relatively good internet connection to watch comfortably.

Sky Go is no exception, with users needing at least 2-3Mbps of download to watch shows without encountering quality loss or buffering. This doesn't account for other devices currently using the internet or usage during peak times, which can drastically impact the quality of the service.

Sky Go does provide options within the settings menu where users can alter the download quality of shows, but these won't influence live streaming shows. That being said, these settings are helpful and are valuable additions.

Sky Go Device Accessibility

Having access to over 200 channels is only helpful if you can view it on your device. Fortunately for users, Sky Go is compatible with multiple devices, even gaming consoles.

For computers, Sky GO is supported on Windows 8.1 and up, while MAC users on OS X 10.7 and above can use the service. Sky Go is surprisingly also available on multiple devices, particularly the mainline gaming consoles - PS4/PS5, Xbox 360/Xbox One.

Finally, worry no further if you're unsure whether Sky Go will work on your mobile device as it is compatible with iPhones from 3GS and up, any Android device, iPads, and Android tablets running with OS 4.0 and above.

Due diligence as a consumer

From a technical analysis viewpoint, Sky Go offers excellent functionality and competitive value when looking at other TV streaming services on the market. The ability to watch your favorite shows anywhere in the world can be invaluable as a consumer who travels a lot.

One look at the trust pilot entries from Sky Go paints a different picture. Many users are dissatisfied with their current service and the offerings available to them. Speeds, subpar quality, and loading failures are among the most common complaints, with users also referring to Sky's lack of support with Sky Go as a whole. 

There is no extra cost to try out the service if you are a current Sky Customer; however, consumers on the fence shouldn't ignore these user reviews.

Go for the service, or turn elsewhere?

Sky Go is an additional service that current subscribers to Sky have access to for free. There is no real reason not to try it and see if you can find value in the functionality available, especially if you travel frequently.

For non-Sky subscribers, be mindful of Sky's consistent backlash for their online service, and ensure you check whether your internet speeds will be able to stream the content consistently. If you can snag a Sky deal, it might be worth checking out. 


  • Free for current subscribers
  • Access to a plethora of channels
  • Can download shows offline
  • Compatible with many devices


  • Required a decent internet speed
  • Poor user perception and rating
  • Multiple core functionality issues
  • Requires an active Sky TV subscription

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Sky Go for PC

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